Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your Baby is Ugly

Well, that's what the swing said anyway. See for yourself.

And I won't even tell you what the other side of the swing said. I've told you before, this blog is supposed to be G-rated.

Meldrum Park isn't exactly in one of the nicest neighborhoods of Sioux Falls and I'm afraid the language spewing from the mouths of the teenage boys on the basketball court wouldn't do much to improve most people's view of the area, especially considering the fact that the f-bombs and racial slurs had to make their way around the cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. Ridiculous. And they were all just so awesome at basketball- must have had the breakfast of champions (see the Dunham Park post if you're confused about that one). Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I even had a couple of friends ask me later if I felt safe there without Bill. Ummm...yes. I've never felt unsafe at a Sioux Falls park. Have I rolled my eyes at the behavior of some of the other visitors and had to explain to my children that some people just like to act like idiots? Oh yeah. But the rest of the families on the playground were just nice, normal families trying to enjoy a pleasant evening at their neighborhood park.

"Mmmmm....These sand pies are delicious! I wonder what's in them..."

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