Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harmodon Park: Touch-a-Truck

Great pic, huh?

On Friday, September 30th, SFPR hosted an event called "Touch-a-Truck" at Harmodon Park. I was actually really excited when I saw this advertised because since we don't really follow any baseball teams, I didn't know what else we were going to visit Harmodon Park for. The playground there doesn't look like the kind you can play on for very long.

The kids loved it! There were construction vehicles...

an ambulance...

We always love bumping into Noah and his family!

a firetruck, an Army truck, the Book Mobile, motorcycles and snowmobiles...

police cars...

Hopefully, this will be their only opportunity to see the back of a cop car.

and probably a bunch of others that I'm forgetting.

My only complaint about the event was that I don't think 2 hours was long enough. I understand that they couldn't really start it before 6 because all of those construction and company trucks were probably in use during the work day. But it seemed to me that it could have easily gone past 8pm. With the baseball fields, that park has the best lighting of any park and there were still tons of people waiting in tons of lines at 8pm when SFPR employees started letting people know that the event was over. And it was a Friday night. I think most parents were willing to stay out a little later. And I don't think my kids were the only disappointed children moping back to their cars.

I'm sure SFPR had a reason for shutting down so early and I'm certainly not disappointed that we have the kind of Parks and Rec department that plans these kinds of events in the first place. I just hope they keep it open until 9pm next time. : )

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