Friday, October 28, 2011

Fishin' at Family Park

On Sunday afternoon, we got to meet up with friends at Family Park for some fishin'. Unfortunately, th
+-*]]e fish weren't really bitin', but we had fun anyway. 0.3
+++-*];llm qx .

So, I just ran upstairs to put Grier in her crib for a little nap. I came back and Fletcher had apparently decided to do some guest blogging. I could delete it, but it's cuter the way it is. : )

Looking for the perfect spot (and one that would accommodate 10 of us).

This looks good. Notice the person on the left side of the picture. He left shortly after we arrived. Sorry dude.

Anyway...The sun was shining and the wind was blowing and it was a beautiful fall afternoon to spend with friends. Apparently there are several kinds of fish stocked in this pond/lake/whatever it is, but none of them were interested in the bait we had.

It's been a long time since we've taken our kids fishing. Bo actually got pretty good at casting his line. He stuck with it the longest.

Leah at least gave it a shot.

These two didn't even try the fishing poles. They only had eyes for that popcorn!

And, as usual, these two wouldn't look at the camera at the same time.

Oops. I guess I was mistaken. Fletch did attempt to fish.

And if you go on a day when the fish aren't bitin', you can always explore the shoreline like we did. Don't worry, as soon as I saw her start throwing rocks, I told her to stop dumping the shoreline into the lake. We went and found a different spot, where there were smaller gravel-y rocks instead : )

For those people who might want to head out for a day of fishing, there are several docks (with rulers for measuring your big catch) to fish off of and other little spots along the shoreline. There's a path all the way around and there are a couple of different places to park. Kids don't need a license to fish and the posted "rules" for the park simply ask that people release the majority of the fish they catch so that there are plenty of fish for everyone. I think Bill and Bo will definitely go back next summer and spend a Father/Son day together.

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