Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lewis Park

The kids had been bugging me to visit this park for close to a year. There's nothing particularly amazing about it, but it's across the street from a friend's house. They first saw this park the weekend before Grier was born when my friend and I had a garage sale at her house. Then, any other time we had to stop there for anything, I'd hear, "Mom, when can we ever go to Lewis Park?" Seriously. It has tennis courts, a ball field, and a sand volleyball court, but otherwise, it has pretty much the exact same playground as all the other parks. They were sure this one was special, though.

So, on a sunny afternoon, before loading Grier and Fletch up to go get Leah and Bo from school, I popped a couple of bags of popcorn and we grabbed some drinks. Leah and Bo assured me they did not have to use the bathroom before we left the school and we headed to the park.

We enjoyed our popcorn and juice there and the kids even saw a friend they remembered from Camp Judson.

Grandma Loulou came to say, "Hi," since we weren't far from her house and we had a generally nice time. Except, of course, when 20 minutes into our visit, Bo had to pee so bad it was emergency. Ugh! Luckily there are some tall trees in the park, so I sent him away to take care of it. So annoying. Why do boys not get it? Even if you don't feel so much pressure that you're about to explode at this very moment, doesn't mean you can't go to the bathroom if you have the opportunity. This prevents the "emergencies" that happen 10 minutes later. Maybe someday...

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