Friday, October 28, 2011

Leaders Park

So, I scoped out the scene at this park by driving by one day and I totally thought that it was basically just a Community Garden site. Not so. Once I had the kids out of the car and we were taking the sign picture, we could see that there were trails that led into the trees to the east of the garden. Well, a trail into the woods, when you've got a sunny Saturday stretching out before you, is pretty much just an invitation to go exploring.

After we hiked a couple trails with our not so off-road-equipped stroller, I figured out that the trails had to be for mountain bikes. There were tire tracks in the dirt and it wasn't really a spot that people would go to for hiking. My parents confirmed this analysis when I told them about the park later. They also said that it used to be a tubing/sledding hill. It would be a great hill for that! I'm sure the neighborhood kids still use it for winter fun even though it isn't advertised as one of the city's sledding hills.

Our exploring and hill-rolling was cut short when the kids were pretty sure they smelled a skunk. So, we walked back up by the garden and shared a couple of pieces of candy Leah had apparently stashed in her jacket for just such an occasion.

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