Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and East Sioux Falls Historic Site

Phew! I think this one gets the award for the longest name! We actually visited this park way back in August. We'd driven through and visited the Perry Nature area before, but that was a long time ago. There is a ton of new stuff now, with all of the trees that have been identified with signs, walking paths that have been laid, and signs to describe the city of East Sioux Falls. This place has a little for everyone.

The kids, of course, loved running up and down the walking paths and checking out the different trees. Bill and I enjoyed reading about the history of East Sioux Falls. And everybody enjoyed the tranquil walk down in the Perry Nature Area. The stream is so peaceful (to me) and so full of adventure (for the kids).

This park is actually being completed in phases and you can visit the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum website to find out more about what they have planned. It's going to be amazing! I'll use my blog space to show my own pictures. : ) And we have tons of them for this place. I had some guest photographers on this night. Pretty much, if Leah is in the picture, Bo probably took it. And if you see Bo in the picture, Leah was behind the camera. Enjoy!

I think Leah was having them pose for these pictures.

She probably told them to do this.

Strike a pose.

These signs were full of really interesting information and photos of the city of East Sioux Falls. Very educational.

I told you that walk by the stream was full of adventure. There were vines to swing on (above) and toads to chase and capture (below)!

We had to get movin'. My plan was still to visit Arrowhead Park this evening and we were running out of daylight!

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