Saturday, October 22, 2011


3 parks in 1 day = success. I'm afraid it's been a while since we made these visits, so I'm struggling to remember what we were doing leading up to the park hopping. Apparently it did not involve naps at home, however, because I do remember Fletch and Grier sleeping through the first half of our visits.

First, we stopped at Lien Park. It's on North Cliff, not far from what I believe are settling ponds for waste water. I don't really know for sure.

This is it.

The only things I've ever really seen anybody do at this park is run their dogs or fly remote control air planes. There isn't much here except for space and a sign that talks about the geological history of the area. As I said, Fletch and Grier were sleeping, Leah was mad about something and refused to get out, so sweet Bo was the only one in the sign picture here. : )

Next, we traveled farther north on Cliff Avenue and turned back into the neighborhood west of the cemetery up there. Is it St. Micheal's? I can't remember. Lacey Park is a little gem back there. It was surrounded by the cemetery to the east and people's backyards on all other sides, except for the parking lot entrance/exit. There was a bit of green space to run, a picnic shelter, a basketball court and a decent little playground. My kids were really diggin' the sand that day. Ha ha. Get it? Diggin' the sand? : )

On the menu today: Sand Ice Cream

For real. Grier woke up and opened her eyes at the exact moment I snapped this picture.

After Lacey, we made a quick stop at Station 7 to visit our favorite firefighter. Man, put that guy in a navy blue t-shirt, some bunker pants and suspenders and you have got one smokin' hot firefighter. Then we went almost directly east from Lacey Park, on the other side of the cemetery and across Cliff Avenue, to another park that you really wouldn't even realize was there unless you lived in the neighborhood. Bryant Park was small, but served as entertainment for my kids, plus a couple of extras.

The most memorable part of this park visit came after we got home. Any guesses how many times I told my oldest son, "Hey Bo, don't forget to grab your flip-flops"? They were on the ground under the sign. They were $2 flip-flops from Old Navy, so I realize they weren't exactly priceless or valuable personal property. However, they were his only pair and let's face it, flip-flops are convenient when you need four kids to get shoes on and get out the door to go somewhere. So, do you suppose Bo's mom was very happy when they got home and he told her he'd forgotten them under the sign? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! You are correct; she was not pleased. Lucky for him, his dad stopped there on his way home from work the next morning and grabbed the flip-flops. The day was saved.

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