Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Last Hurrah!

The night before school was set to start and the night Terrace Park pool was set to close for the season, we finally made it over there. We've actually explored the Japanese Gardens before and I've been to concerts there, so I don't feel too bad letting a visit to the pool count as our trip to Terrace Park.

It wasn't the warmest night actually, but we thought it would be a fun way to end the summer and then head home for supper and a good night's sleep before school the next morning. The big kids enjoyed this one just as much as every other pool we visited this summer. They especially liked watching Bill go down the drop-off slide.

But the real story, on this night, was Grier. For the first time this entire summer, she LOVED the water. She didn't cry or panic when we took her in. This girl hates the water like I hate the heat. Even now, in October when I'm actually writing this, she still showers with me instead of taking baths. She will NOT sit in a tub of water. But this particular night, her last chance for the season, she took full advantage. She would crawl in so far from the zero-depth entry that her face would end up under water. And even though she'd come up spitting and sputtering and trying to blink that chlorinated water out of her eyes, she just kept going back for more. She was mad when it was time to leave! Watching her was an absolute delight!

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