Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whittier Park

We started out the morning at Whittier Park. As you've probably guessed, this is the park just down the block from Whittier Middle School. Although it is a block away, it's actually where the school's track and football field are too. The track is available for public use, but we did not use it today. We were too busy on the playground!

I'm kind of thinking I need to get a beach bag and buy a few plastic shovels and pails for the parks with sand under the play equipment. The kids had fun digging anyway, but it would make for hours and hours of fun if they had stuff to actually dig with. The equipment was nice here. As always, Fletcher's favorite was a swing.

Grier took up her usual position on the sidelines. Being in an older neighborhood, as it is, this park had great shade trees to park her under.

I even made it into my first picture of the summer, as Leah was anxious to use the camera. She had adorned each of us with a piece of clover behind the ears.

Aren't my daughters beautiful?!

This was definitely a park you could spend quite a bit of time at. Between the playground, the sand, the track and field, shady spots to rest, and a shelter, with electrical outlets, for a picnic with friends, there was no lack of things to do. It isn't exactly "on our way" anywhere, but it was well worth the trip! All thumbs up!

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