Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting Out With a Splash!

Well, it felt like summer officially began today, with a humid 84 degree afternoon. I have a pretty low tolerance for heat and since it appears none of the parks offer air conditioned playgrounds, I decided a park with some water would be a good place to start.

Our little parks and rec adventure began at Pioneer Splash Park (or is it Spray Park?). Can't remember. Either way, the kids had a blast! Last time we came to this park, there were only two munchkins with me and they both hated getting their faces wet. Needless to say, the park with water constantly spraying from all directions was not a fan favorite. Thus, it has been four years since my last visit to Mansor-Pioneer Park.

Things have changed a bit since then. First of all, I now have four children in tow.

My two little munchkins from four years ago are now the big kids. They didn't even remember the last time we were here. There wasn't a moment of hesitation as they entered the spray area.

I was a little nervous about Munchkin #3 liking this place since washing his hair in the tub is akin to baptizing a cat. Turns out, I need not have feared. From the moment we got there, to the moment we left, that boy never stopped running (except for me to take this picture, of course). It was an absolute riot to watch. He was just running around with his eyes closed and only stopping occasionally to wait for a bucket of water to dump on his head. A friend suggested I lather him up with some camping soap next time we're here and just forget about washing his hair in the bathtub.

And then there was sweet Baby G. Although she did not love the water quite like her big brothers and sister, she was in 7th heaven watching all of the other kids playing. She actually loves water, but this water was a bit chilly for someone so small and immobile. It's definitely the kind of water you run through, not the kind you soak in.

Besides the additions to our family since our last visit, there have been some "subtractions" (could really use a thesaurus right about now) from the park itself. There is no longer a SFPR attendant on duty during the spray park hours. For today, though, it didn't really seem to be an issue. I didn't see any small children running wild or any older children thinking they were too cool to follow rules. All of the adults were having a pleasant time and handling their own children. A police officer even came through on his motorcycle at one point and just seemed to be hanging out, letting people know that he was nearby.

Overall, from a fun and a safety standpoint, Pioneer Spray Park gets 10 thumbs up (that's 4 kids + 1 mama x 2 thumbs each, for those of you who don't follow my brilliant rating system)!

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