Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laurel Oak, Part Two: The Playground (and a little more Pool)

You may notice that one of the children in this sign picture does not belong to me. The kids are super excited because cousin CJ has been here all week!

If we're going to make it to all the parks, I guess I can't even take a break for hot weather. We'll all just have to take our cue from Baby G and remember the importance of staying hydrated.

Of course, Monday was like the hottest day on record and we were totally feelin' it. We only made it about an hour and a half between the Tot Lot and the playground. We'll have to come back on a day when it isn't sweltering because the kids had fun with the different stuff that the Parks and Rec ladies put out. Fletcher made this T-Rex (the green pile of play dough).

The bouncy balls were super fun!

And the playground equipment is definitely the best we've seen so far, simply because there is so much of it.

And this equipment (above) was different simply because of the surface underneath it. It was some sort of rubbery springy ground rather than wood chips or sand. It's the only one like that we've encountered so far.

Because it's so close to a school playground, there are several sets of equipment. If I understood the John Harris PTA lady correctly, one of the sets is even wheelchair accessible. Their school is a Cluster site, so they have a wide range of student abilities to accommodate with their playground. I didn't get pictures of all the equipment, but trust me, there was a lot of it.

At 10:00 on a Monday morning, this park was hoppin'. In addition to the Tot Lot activities, there were swimming lessons and tennis lessons going on. We went home for lunch and by the time we came back to swim that afternoon, the parking lot was even more packed! The place did clear out some at 5pm, when it was time for Family Swim.

Packed or not, I have a feeling this park is going to remain a family favorite, if for no other reason than it's within five minutes of our house.

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