Monday, June 20, 2011

Dunham Park

Well, I stand corrected, my friends. Last Friday, I posted on facebook that I had fed my children the breakfast of champions: pie. However, according to the t-shirt worn by the father of three young boys at the park today, "69," is actually the breakfast of champions. Wow. Stay classy, Sioux Falls. Stay classy. Thank goodness Leah was too busy playing on the playground to take note of the guy's shirt and ask me what it meant. I feel like I've been pretty good about answering my children's questions about their bodies and other sensitive topics, such as childbirth, with age-appropriate facts, i.e. our conversation last summer about how baby calves get out of their moms and how our new baby was going to get out of me. But I'm not sure that even I can think fast enough to give an age-appropriate, factual answer about 69 to a six year old. Crisis avoided for now. Wipe the brow, give a sigh of relief.

Now, I guess this is supposed to be a family blog, and it's supposed to be about the parks, so moving on...

If anyone is super familiar with Dunham Park and can direct me to the sign so that I can get a picture with my kids, I'd appreciate it. We played on the equipment for quite a while, but a storm was brewing, so I loaded the kids up to make sure we were buckled before the rain hit and I looked in all the obvious spots, like the parking lot entrances and the street corners, but I never did find the sign. Help! I didn't even know what park I was at until I looked up the address on my list I printed from the Parks and Rec website. I had just driven around looking for a park near the fire station Bill was working at today, and this one seemed like as good a park to try as any.

Bo pretty much ended up as my model today. I kept telling him to try the different equipment so I could take a picture of him on it. If we lived on the west side of town, we'd totally visit this park again!

This park is also a site for ball games and tournaments. I've seen the parking lot packed on the weekends. It's a really pretty area on the west side. Is it Silver Valley or Silver Creek or something like that? There's a nice walking and bike path and a neat little footbridge. The equipment here was unique. It was Little Tikes brand and it had a few different attachments that we haven't seen anywhere else before. And it was another one with that sproingy surface under it. I'm beginning to really like that stuff!

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