Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heritage Park (and Queen City)

What's that? You don't see a park by the name of "Queen City" on the list? All right. All right. Queen City is the bakery across the street from Heritage Park. We parked the van and walked down the block to the bakery for a little "fuel" before we played at the park.

The Monster and the Peanut Butter Cookies were especially delicious this morning. Just ask Fletch.

Again, there were great shade trees at this park because of being in an older neighborhood. This one did not have a shelter, though. There were two picnic tables near the playground and it appears they are used frequently. The one we sat at had a considerable amount of litter surrounding it. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about leaving a place in better shape than we found it. We gave the area a quick little pick-me-up and the kids were delighted to find a few treasures in the process.

Compared to Whittier Park, where we were the only people around, Heritage Park had tons of activity! There were other kids on the playground, a group of men hanging out at one of the picnic tables, another mom pushing a stroller through the park...

This was by no means a big or fancy park, compared to some of the others we've been to so far, but there was lots of shade, lots of green grass, nice play equipment, and of course, the delicious proximity to Queen City Bakery. It wouldn't be the place to have a large gathering, but as spot to enjoy a little Saturday morning treat and time outside, it was perfect!

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