Wednesday, June 8, 2011

McKennan Park

I'm afraid Grier did not make this sign picture. I was already illegally parked along 2nd Avenue and racing my children to the statue for a quick pic. There was no time for a stroller and an infant. Plus, this is as close to a "sign" picture as we could get because I don't think there is one of those regular wooden signs at this park. Each of the entrances has these stone gate things with "McKennan Park" metal work along the top. I guess we'll just take what we can get.

We had to take a brief intermission yesterday while I dealt with a bout of the stomach flu. In fact, I was probably pushing it by being back out this morning, but the weather was gorgeous and I just couldn't waste another day! I was payin' for it by the time we left the park, though.

This morning's park of choice was McKennan Park, located in central Sioux Falls, because of the 10am performance of the "True Story of Cinderella." Unfortunately, due to some construction and traffic issues, we arrived about 500 people too late to find good spots to sit.

The popcorn we brought along could only hold the attention of these children for so long, so we headed to the playground before the crowd dispersed from the show.

There was even Supervised Playground this morning, so there were some other fun games and things provided by SFPR.

It's hard not to love McKennan Park! It is so lush and colorful- more than enough photo opportunities for one morning. We had a great time strolling through the park and stopping at all of the statues and flower beds for pictures. Here are a few of our favorites:

Grier says, "Who needs all that fancy play equipment when I've got my own feet?!"

Bo is mad here because Leah always gets to sit on the biggest rock.

They have always been fascinated by this Statue of Liberty.

A tribute to the park's namesake and donor of the land the park sits on.

We have plans to come back on a warmer day to make sure the wading pool at McKennan is just as fun as ever. The presence of a pool is also nice because it pretty much guarantees bathrooms at the park. I've been forgetting to mention the facilities at the parks we've visited so far. I mean, they are park bathrooms, so don't get all excited or anything, but they certainly suffice when that child who didn't have to go before you left the house is suddenly experiencing a bathroom emergency.

With all the people who chose to visit McKennan Park today, I'd say it's approximately a million thumbs up!

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