Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuthill Park

Despite my less than pleasant attitude the last time Emily and I attempted to go to the park together (read: Worst. Park. Day. EVER.), she was willing to give me another try. Thursday, August 11th, we met at what I consider to be one of the prettiest parks in Sioux Falls. Even though I so readily handed out the LAP Award (Least Attractive Park Award), it is a little trickier to give out the LPA (Loveliest Park Award). Tuthill would definitely be in the Top 3.

We started out at the upper playground and then ate a picnic lunch. Before heading down to the lower playground, we walked across the parking lot for some pictures in the gardens. One thing we didn't do while we were up there, that I know my kids would have loved, was that we didn't go back on the trails that lead down into the woods. They would have been excited for another day of hiking, but I figured we could save that for another time.

They're both fourth children. They're used to sharing.

I think Ryker, peaking out at the bottom, is my favorite in this one.

"That's a huge one, Mom. That one's huge," Fletcher says of the tree.


The oldests and the youngests.

I didn't actually get a sign picture yet, but I will add it once I have one. Plus, Emily took a picture with her phone that turned out better than any of mine. It was of all of the kids trying to see if their arms could wrap all the way around the giant tree. According to Emily, it's the biggest tree trunk in Sioux Falls! By the way, their arms didn't quite reach, but I bet they would by next year, or for sure if we brought the dads along!

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