Monday, August 8, 2011

Jefferson Park

In case I haven't said anything about it before, I really dislike being hot. Jefferson Park will not be winning any awards as my favorite park, simply because it was unlucky enough to be visited on a 100 degree day. Ugh. It wasn't even fun.

First of all, even when I have another adult along, I still can't get out of pushing people on the swings.

There's no port-a-potty here, so I had to find Bo a spot in the bushes. While he was taking care of business, a mosquito took a big old bite out of the boy. You can't see it in the picture, but he swells up like it's nobody's business.

When it's that hot outside, all this fun equipment is too hot to even play on. Riding down the slides burns, burns, burns! Bill did blow bubbles for the kids to chase, right up until he thought he might fall over from being light-headed.

So, do I have anything nice to say? Yes. There is a recently added walking path, landscaping, and shelter in this little neighborhood park that make it a very attractive park. It is within walking distance of Inca Restaurant. Other than that? Not much to report.

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