Monday, August 8, 2011

Glenview Park

We actually drive by this park along 57th Street all the time as we drive between my parents' house and ours. It's just east of Cliff and 57th and you really only notice the cattails and walking path from 57th, but if you look a little farther to the south, you can see a shelter and a playground too.

From now on, when people are looking for a park on the south/east side of Sioux Falls for a group picnic, this will be the one I recommend. Although it is lacking in shade trees, the picnic shelter is right next to the playground. Many of the other parks such as Morningside or McKennan have their shelters out of sight from the playgrounds. That's fine for some events, but at this point, most of the events I attend are the kind where you want to be able to send the kids to the playground but still be able to see them. And Rotary and Cherry Rock are kind of out of commission until they get all that construction done.

Loving the cattails.

Fletcher is loving tunnels these days.

Fletch says, "No Yaya. I the drivee."

Nice look, Bo, with those shorts pulled up and the shirt tucked in.

One result of all the park visits has definitely been Bo's increase in upper body strength. I still don't think he could do an entire set of monkey bars, but he can hang onto one of these zip line thingies the whole way across now.

Anyway...There was a nice playground, it's in a quiet neighborhood, and the kids loved the cattails. One of the "locals" from the neighborhood, though, said this park gets pretty soggy after a hard rain. So, don't try to go here right after it rains and you should be able to enjoy it as much as we did!

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