Saturday, August 13, 2011

Loose Ends

There were a couple of parks that never got pictures taken until this week, but we actually visited them a while ago.

Back in July, Bill took the kids to Campus Park, which we've been to on many occasions before, but didn't have the camera for a picture. So, while we were doing a little tour of centrally located parks on Wednesday, August 10th, we stopped for a quick pic. Where is Leah in this picture? Take a look at the second picture. If you look very carefully, you may be able to see an elbow and a purple-legginged knee sticking out from behind the tree. Why is she mad you wonder? Look who's holding Baby G in the sign picture.

Another park that we've technically been to frequently this summer was Oak View Park. Its address is listed as 3rd Street and Bahnson Avenue. That would be same address as the Oak View Library, where we've had story time throughout the summer. Behind the library, there is a pretty little grassy area and a walking path, but nothing that jumps out and says CITY PARK. Plus, there's no sign. So, that day I stopped in at the SFPR office to ask about Kiwanis Park, I also asked about this one. The lady working at the desk confirmed that the grassy area around the library is, in fact, the park. Knowing we had another story time coming up on the 9th, we waited and took a picture then. We even had a friend with us that night!

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