Monday, August 8, 2011

LAP Award

And this year's award for Least Attractive Park goes to....drum roll please...Kiwanis Park!!

I know I haven't been to all the parks yet, but I actually feel really safe handing out that award, even if it is a bit premature to do so. To begin with, I've driven by it a million times in an attempt to figure out where the park is at the intersection of North 1st Avenue and 6th Street. My best guess was the "greenway" that was now a gravel-way along the east side of the river, north of 6th Street. Just to be certain, we stopped at the Parks and Rec office.

There is no sign to take a picture at. Leah and Bo were both at camp, but I don't really feel as though they missed a lot by not being at this park visit. Fletcher would whole-heartedly disagree. He is still telling people about how he got to throw rocks in the river.

There isn't a lot else to do at this park along the bike trails. There are currently no benches to sit on, no grass to play on, and no landscaping to admire. It is definitely a work in progress. As the kids get older and we actually go for lengthy rides on the bike trails, I bet we will see this area transformed. When you look north along the river, you can see where Falls Park begins. They just haven't quite made it this far yet. Oh well. For now, it's a great place for throwing rocks in the river, if you're two years old (or 32 years old, in Bill's case). And someday, I bet it will be a peaceful and pretty little spot along the bike trails.

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