Monday, August 8, 2011

The Tunnel Park

If you look carefully, you can see a little pair of legs and some green fabric behind and between Bo and Fletch. That would be Leah, who declined being seen in the picture because Bo asked first if he could hold Grier. For real. A mom can't make this stuff up.

Okay. Really it was Hayward Park, but even Fletcher noticed the abundance of tunnels on this playground. It's incorporated into the school playground for Hayward Elementary School and it's really very nice.

Bo? Where'd you go? I can't see you amongst all that yellow.

"Mom, take a picture of my crazy hair." Is it really the hair that is crazy?


We used to have these exact same sets of bars on the Horace Mann playground. I remember doing penny drops from the lowest bars on the red set (above) and I can't say that I ever remember crossing the monkey bars in the silver set (below), but I could tell you the names of the kids who could. And I can remember sliding down the fire poles, at least.

Another tunnel!!!

The other end of that bear that Fletcher was crawling out of.

What's that, Fletcher? Another tunnel!!! And I didn't even take pictures of two others. This kid was in heaven, except he's still not so sure about going down tunnel slides.

There was tons of green space and some soccer nets. A picnic shelter with no tables. Hmmm...Not sure about that one. Several different areas with equipment. And lots of blacktop with lines painted for games like hopscotch, four square, and basketball.

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