Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis the Season...

for visiting parks! While other families probably spent this day picking out the perfect Christmas tree and decking the halls, we visited two of our final five parks. We had plans to visit three, but I'll share a little later how Grier had other ideas.

We started out with a little walk/run around Legacy Park. It was fun to have some room to roam and I can see how this would be a perfect picnic spot in the summer. There was a picnic shelter and tons of walking/biking paths. And most importantly, there was easy access down to the water, so there could be lots of fun exploring when there isn't ice lacing the shore.

That white stuff along the banks of the stream is ICE!

Stealth mode.

I imagine this is really pretty when it's green, or even if we would have made it here earlier in the fall when the leaves were changing.

Next Stop: Thelin Park

Now, the address from the city's website says North Career and Benson. And while you can definitely see this park from that intersection, it is not at that intersection. The address is actually 700 North Galaxy Lane, or something like that. Bo's head is covering up the number.


Not sure what the point of these hand pedals is.

Just gettin' a little rock climbin' in before we head to Fawick.

Well, we were headed to Fawick Park after Thelin. But everyone was getting a little hungry and needed a chance to warm up a little. So, we made a quick stop at the Diner, which is totally on the way, for a little snack and some hot chocolate.

Snack. Check. Hot chocolate. Check. New diaper for Grier? Nope. I cleaned out the car right before we took off for the parks and forgot to put the diapers back in. Darn. I guess Fawick will have to wait another day, along with Frank Olson and Town One. That's right, folks. That's the entire "left to visit" list! Three more to go!

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  1. Looks like you had fun at our little Northland Park!