Sunday, November 27, 2011


That's how many degrees we've come from the day in July when we visited Kuehn Park and pool. Really, I should probably say 360. It's more like we've come full circle. We are now wearing full winter gear and rushing to get to the parks before 5pm, when the sun sets!

We sort of the took the scenic route to this park. The address listed for the park is the intersection of E. Madison and N. Omaha. I thought I kind of knew where it should be, but then I went and listened to Bill. I ended up on the wrong side of the Interstate for a while. When we finally got to the park, daylight was fading fast. We only stayed for about 20 minutes. Really, though, that was plenty of time for this little neighborhood park.

"What is all this stuff?"

"It's our lucky day!" Leah found a penny and a matchbox car.

Seriously. That giant puffball of a coat and those teeny little legs in the jeggings are just too funny!

Never too cold for the swings!

There were trails back there that Leah desperately wanted to explore. I'm assuming, based on the location of this park, that they're the same trails that we explored from Leaders Park, the ones for mountain biking. It was getting dark, though, and I'd seen some boys from the apartment complex right next to the park head back into the woods, so there would be no exploring for Leah on this day. We went home for some hot chocolate instead.

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