Sunday, November 27, 2011

Single Digits

I was a little disappointed after we did these three visits because I totally thought we only had 8 or 9 parks left. I was mistaken, but it was still super motivating to think we were in the single digits for a while. : )

If you're familiar with the area around the Arena, Burnside, West Avenue, etc., you are well aware of the fact that there is a ton of construction on West Avenue. So, we started with a drive-by of Burnside Park, since I missed the turn into the parking lot. In hopes of avoiding an accident, I just kept driving and ended up Earl McCart Fields instead. I figured we'd go back to Burnside now that I knew where to turn.

Fletcher is super into dinosaurs these days, so he's just anxiously awaiting his turn for this toy.

She hasn't gotten any less cute, has she?

He had nice form, but we may have to work on the ring itself when the time comes (depending on whether or not the rest of us want her to say, "Yes," I suppose).

"Wood chips for sale!"


There was a pretty fierce wind on this day and I felt kind of bad that I didn't really have Baby G dressed very appropriately, so she came back to the car for a little snack while the others finished up playing.

Wouldn't be a very worthwhile visit to the baseball fields if we didn't pretend to play a quick game!

There wasn't anything particularly exceptional about Burnside or Earl McCart. Of course, my original plan for these parks was to visit during baseball season so we could catch a little bit of a game. The playground is clearly not the focus of Earl McCart Fields. It's fine. But as I said before, my kids are getting a little bit tired of playgrounds, especially when we're not meeting up with friends to play.

Just had to follow her big brother. Apparently her legs are feeling better. : )

Since we were already in this part of town, we made one last stop at Elmwood Park and made it a "3 Park Day." Unfortunately, my camera's battery started flashing while I took the sign picture here, so that's all I've got of this park.

We didn't spend much time here anyway. Within 10 minutes of arriving, both boys and then Leah had to go to the bathroom. On such a chilly day, the park was empty enough that I wouldn't have felt too bad finding an emergency tree bathroom for the boys. But with the park facilities locked for the season now, we needed to find something else for Leah. We made a quick stop at Station 7 to visit our favorite firefighter (and use the bathroom) and then headed home for the Baked Potato Soup that was waiting in the crock pot. We even had the pleasure of dining with friends. Perfection!

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