Sunday, November 27, 2011

Single Digits (for real this time)

With stops at Farm Field and Yankton Trails, we are truly down to single digits for the number of parks we have left to visit. Crazy! I'm actually running out of room on my memory card in my camera and I feel a lot safer clearing my card when the pictures are transferred to a CD, so I only let Leah and Bo use the camera sparingly at these parks.

Plus, there isn't much to do at either of these parks anyway. Farm Field is a practice field for soccer, a parking lot for people hitting the bike trails, and sometimes I see people flying kites here. We don't need the park for any of those things today, so we just got out to walk around and take a few pictures instead.

No sign at Farm Field. So I guess this senior picture pose of Bo on the bridge will have to do.

Yankton Trails is great fun when there's a soccer tournament or Jazz Fest going on. But on a regular fall day, there isn't much to do except play in the leaves, enjoy some wide open space, and soak up all the sunshine we can get before the bleak days of winter hit.

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