Sunday, July 3, 2011

U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship Memorial

After our not-so-fun time at Robert Frost Park, we went home to eat and saw a vast improvement in the attitude department. So, I decided we could chance another park. In order to continue our patriotic theme for the weekend, we decided to visit the Battleship Memorial. They loved it!

So did I. But the history-lover in me is hoping to go back by herself sometime in order to actually soak in all the information available. I'm pretty sure we went there once when I was younger, but I don't really remember it very well. It's one of those unique places that you could take visitors to Sioux Falls or kill an hour with your kids, if you've never been there before. We were there less than an hour, but I would think older kids, especially those who could read, could easily spend an hour or two there looking at all of the memorabilia. There was some kind of video available to sit and watch, but we didn't do that.

By the way, I had some guest photographers on this one. Leah and Bo, not completely over the crabbies from earlier, fought most of the time over who would take the pictures. You can pretty much assume that if one of them isn't in a picture, they were probably the one taking it.

I'm a little worried about Fletcher's obsession with bad guys. It didn't matter how many times I told him that only the good guys were on this ship, he just kept looking for the bad guys.

I will give Leah credit for her determination when it came to this chain from the anchor. She was dead set on walking the entire length of it balance-beam style. Every time she'd fall off, she'd go all the way back to the beginning. Once, when she was almost to the end, she was just about in tears, but she went back anyway!

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