Friday, December 2, 2011

Last One: Town One

That's right, folks. I intentionally left the park called Town One to be the Last One. Bill kind of rolled his eyes when he figured that out, but whatev. I wanted it to have a little bit of a clever twist to the title, but I couldn't think of anything else with the parks I had left. To say it's a clever ending might be a bit of an overstatement, but it's certainly better than "Naked David" as the title of the final post on this blog. Wouldn't you agree?

Unfortunately, there isn't a ton to say about this park. Most people probably don't even know it exists. It's only a few blocks from our house, actually. I've driven past it before and I still didn't even have a mental picture when I looked at the address on the list. The address says, "26th and Cleveland," but you really can't see it from that intersection. You know those grey townhouses that are right there, though? They are part of a complex called "Town Park" apartments and townhouses. I'm assuming that's how the park got its name. The park is tucked back in between several sets of the townhouses. If you look very carefully as you drive down 26th Street, you can see the basketball hoops behind the Reformed Church there. Otherwise, you have to drive down Cleveland and then turn onto Bragstad (I think) to really get to the park.

Somebody left their Mario doll in the swing. Fletcher took a little ride with him and then we left him where we found him so his owner would know where to find him.

The Reformed Church and 26th Street are just to the right (north) of this picture. And those are the apartments or townhouses I was talking about too.

So that's it. Honestly, I feel a little stunned. The whole ending here feels a little anti-climactic. It seems like I should have some really clever and interesting way to wrap things up, but I still just can't believe we actually did it. In exactly 6 months (maybe a smidgen longer than I first hoped it would take), we visited the 77 city parks that were listed on the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation website (plus one that I thought was on the list, but it wasn't). I'm so excited to be done and yet I'm a little bit sad that it's over. I'll probably need to organize my thoughts a little bit and write one last post after I talk to the kids to find out what their favorite parts of our Parks and Rec Adventure were. The fun isn't over yet, my friends, check back later to see what the kids have to say!

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